Military and PTSD

As knowledge of effective treatments for mental disorders has grown, so too has the field of mental health promotion and positive development. Studies completed during the last two decades have synthesized the state of mental health promotion and documented that universal mental health supports positively affect child and adolescent developmental outcomes.

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Military and PTSD: The impact of trauma on mental health

By Melvin Hayden

Due to the difficult nature of these events, it is often hidden, not reported or denied. There are many reasons for this including being afraid of getting into trouble, feeling shame, guilt or self-blame about the event, or being scared of the offender. The different types of trauma effect mental health in four different ways such as:


1. complex trauma, the experience of repeated traumatic events; its effects on mental health can be long lasting – impacting on emotional health, wellbeing, relationships and daily functioning.


2. Intergenerational trauma is the experience of trauma that is passed down through the generations; it can lead to higher rates of addiction and mental ill health, in addition to increased rates of family violence and incarceration.


3. Single incident trauma can occur when a person is exposed to one traumatic event, such as a car accident, single event trauma can also affect a young person’s mental and physical health and wellbeing and may lead to post-traumatic-stress disorder. 4. Vicarious trauma can occur when someone hears or is exposed to another person’s trauma. It commonly occurs in people who work in challenging environments, such as counsellors or paramedics. It may also affect someone who cares for or supports a person who has experienced a traumatic event or suffer from mental health.

Some people choose to try to manage on their own, but sometimes-additional support is needed. You might have been feeling better for some time but the challenges might unexpectedly resurface. This can occur during unsettled times when lots of change is happening, or if you are reminded of the circumstances of the trauma. At these times, it can be helpful to seek support, even if you have had assistance in the past. Reaching out for support whenever needed can help make things easier to manage.


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