Give to your favorite cause 

Image by Randalyn Hill

We are ALL passionate about something. Whether it's autism, behavior disorders or trauma, we know how much each field relies on contributions like yours. Your charitable gift will help support research and funding that is imperative to the advancement of alternative learning. In addition, The Bleu Rooster is asking for a small donation of 1.34 And as always, the Bleu Rooster thanks you for your support! 

why $1.34?

Well, the 34 cents is for PayPal services. However, the one dollar is your 1 Act of Random Kindness (1ARK) to people you may never meet. One person can change a life. The Bleu Rooster believes we will make that change through education. It’s not one dollar a day or one dollar a week. It's one dollar a month. No more, no less. The projects, interventions and strategies aid the mental, emotional and physical health of autistic, behavioral and trauma students. Thank you in advance for your support.